Density Of Color

I have been slowing or pausing the frequency of my posts and will likely continue that trend for the near future. It doesn’t feel necessary for me to go any more into it at this point, but perhaps another time.

In basic terms, submerging myself in the details of work and choosing to be more highly present with my family is simply taking more time and focus. I have been finding some joy in this mix and not a small piece of me is pleasantly surprised at the fullness of my life at this moment.

So, in reflection of my inward life let me share some photographs I have taken recently, an outward metaphor for the intense density and richness of color that I have been experiencing.

And yes, all of these were taken within the last month. One bizarre day in which the temperature plummeted and left us with five inches of snow overnight, mostly melted and back up the the mid sixties by the following day.

Photo Story: Folds of Gold

After several absolutely amazing days where we were treated to a preview of summer the dream has been snatched away. Freezing drizzle, along with having the kids off school on spring break, has created the perfect environment for cabin fever. Oh yeah, at at least two of the family are sick right now, so we’re also trying to keep people separated as well as sane.

All of this has been driving me a bit crazy as well since I haven’t been able to get outside and shoot anything besides family pics.

Yesterday, feeling trapped in our basement play room with the pent up energy of a three and six year old, I managed to find a quiet pocket of photographic experimentation to escape into.

We have had a shiny gold set of bed sheets for several years now. I can’t quite remember where they came from, but their current home is in the play room where they are regularly used for building forts and tunnels.

Inspired by the way the cloth was draping and catching the light I decided to do my first staged photo shoot. Using various props to hang the fabric from I tried to create interesting patterns of folds, loosely tugging and piling the fabric so that it would fall somewhat haphazardly, creating a look based on the nature of the material and not something that I had carefully arranged. Thankfully this was a very simple process and lent itself to simple reconfiguration and quick adjustments.

If nothing else it was a great experiment in composition and balance of positive and negative spaces. Limiting the scope to simple color and shape really allows one to see how they interact within the frame.

I can also see how creating abstract photographs of other materials would make for an interesting project. The ways in which other items like paper would create texture through crumples or overlaps could be similarly interesting. Never though I would ever consider shooting indoors, especially not arranged shots in a controlled environment, and I likely won’t spend much time going down this road, but it goes to show that allowing oneself to play with even the strangest ideas could open doors to new perspectives.