Photo Story: The Fox Hunt

We have recently had a lot of fox activity around the neighborhood. This isn’t something we have seen in the previous six years of living here and it has been fairy entertaining. There are at least two foxes that come visiting, the bigger of the two usually makes his morning commute through our front yard as we are eating breakfast, and then returns on the other side of the street. Apparently the squirrels in our neighborhood are pretty good pickings.

A couple of days ago we had a gray misty morning that lasted nearly until noon. We saw the neighborhood fox four times that morning, coming by our window and feeling pretty confident with himself, apparently because he felt that he had a bit more cover in that sort of weather.

I had been feeling a bit restless that morning as well and thought that the gray morning might make for some good photography lighting. I had been keeping my eye on a few trees that line the nearby bike path which were always early to bloom in the neighborhood. One of them has wonderful yellow buds that really set it off from the surroundings. I had been looking for an opportunity to get over there and grab a few pictures while the color was good, but things had not been turning out in my favor.

So, this restless morning, I decided to drag my whole family out for a morning walk just so I could photograph one tree.

As often happens when one decides to embark upon an adventure, interesting things are discovered.

As we were fully on the bike path, a third of a mile into our loop and near my photography goal, we saw the second neighborhood fox hanging out off the path, enjoying a freshly caught meal. It didn’t see us at first, and when it did notice me sneaking up with my very-non-zoom-35mm it didn’t immediately run off because it didn’t want to bother having to relocate for brunch.

Despite the fact that I did not have remotely the right equipment for the job I managed to snag a couple of good shots as the animal decided what its next move was going to be. I don’t think I’m going to be investing in a telephoto any time soon, but I did enjoy the thrill of the hunt while I was there. I can certainly see the appeal.

4 thoughts on “Photo Story: The Fox Hunt

  1. Lots of red fox here. Beautiful creatures. Wily and bold, and fast when necessary. One has been regularly taunting my dogs this winter, moving through my field just beyond the dogs’ fence, ignoring their barking, ignoring me, seeming to enjoy its power to create brief mayhem.
    Can’t say I’m a fan of the fox’s “scream” vocalization. Have you heard it? Takes some getting used to!

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    1. Now that you mention it, I think I may have heard that in the evenings. Thought it was the neighbor’s cats, but this didn’t sound like any cat I have known. Thanks for shedding light on that mystery.


  2. That’s really something else, Andrew. Your initiative certainly paid off on these two frames, I’ll give you that. One has to wonder if this fox activity is extraordinarily lucky, serendipitous sighting and the area around you has always been part of their territory? Or if something has happened (like a neighborhood dog that used to keep them in check moved away or died?) and now they’re colonizing around you some more? What do you think? I don’t know too much about red fox. Btw, that tree is really neat. Sort of reminds me of witch hazel (ours bloomed a month or two ago).

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    1. My neighbors are telling me that this fox activity is unusual, but I’m sure they’ve been living in the woods nearby for a long time now. I was even speculating to myself that the social distancing has changed neighborhood activity, but I have been seeing more people out and not fewer, so that doesn’t seem to make sense either.

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