Photo Story: Light Activated

After picking my kids up from school yesterday (and choosing not to bring a camera along as I have started to do) of course I saw several shots just waiting to happen.

Thankfully one of these shots was just up the street. After dropping off the oldest child who doesn’t mind spending a little time to herself at home, I grabbed by camera and dashed back to see what I could capture of light coming through these leaves in front of our neighbor’s house.

Looking at the normally drab brown leaves as the sunlight streamed in from behind opened up an amazing range of colors. The dense leaves were simultaneously vibrant orange and green, and layered nicely to form interesting patterns.

This one opportunity wasn’t the real find of the day, however. Sparked by the miniature photo-shoot and eager to spend some more time outside while the weather was reasonably tolerable we decided to hang out in the backyard for a while.

Though it hasn’t been unbearably cold, the winter takes a while to finally leave our yard, especially in the back of the house where we get plenty of shade along one side. Spring thaw has meant a soggy mess back there for a few weeks now on and off, and yesterday it was finally nice enough to walk around and see what the end of winter had left us.

Peeking over our back fence I discovered dried out leaves and flowers that have been slowly invading from our neighbor’s yard year after year. There was just enough light coming in over the fence to highlight the last portions of this vine as I explored how it too came alive in the light.

Like miniature paper lanterns the flowers created sparks and flares that I never would have seen if I hadn’t been in the mood to look closer. In this way one moment of inspiration will often spark the next, and as long as we are willing to go along for the ride, beautiful things will come our way.

2 thoughts on “Photo Story: Light Activated

  1. Beautiful images. You never know what you might find in your own backyard! It’s just important to keep your mind open and observe the world around you and you’re doing it very well Andrew. The beauty is in a detail. Lovely colors and depth of field doing its thing, great stuff!


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