Photo Story: Post Oak Sunrise

This weekend my wife and I were able to get away from an overnight together and a trail run. We are both distance runners for a variety of reasons. One of them being that it gives us a reason to travel and check out races in parts of the country that we would not normally have occasion to to go to. This began for us as road marathons, and taking part in the 50 state challenge, but in the last few years we have both been enjoying adding trail runs here are there. Not only are they more interesting, they are nearly always more scenic and smaller.

This time around we drove south for a race just outside of Tulsa, OK. The Post Oak challenge is a series of races over three days held at a resort in the mountains overlooking the city.

Due to the timing we arrived in the evening with just enough time to check-in, grab some food and get ourselves to bed, all while it was dark out. The next morning we would be starting out early, hitting at the trail at 7am, just as the sun had come up. I had done the math, and realized that I wasn’t going to have any time to actually take pictures on this trip, but some part of me said: “just bring the camera anyway, who knows”…

As a good omen for our day, and a reward for my decision to bring the camera, we were greeted at the starting line with a gorgeous sunrise coming up over the ridge. It gave us about 8 minutes of good light, just enough time to grab a few shots and appreciate the view before we had to pack our stuff and hit the trail.

As it turns out, I did have the opportunity to take some pictures later. One of the reasons trail running is fun has to do with the challenge of the unexpected. In my time on the trail and the time I had to reflect on not completing my second circuit, I put together several thoughts about what running means to me and how it connects to the bigger picture which I plan to lay out in another “Tao of Glass” post coming up. Until then, here is our good morning good omen sunrise. Hard to beat a day that starts like that.

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