Welcome to my blog. I am creating this site for myself and others who are interested in spending time thinking about their relationship to the world and their path through life. I am using this blog to document my own daily adventures in seeking meaning through photography. I will be posting about philosophy, books that I have read and thoughts that I have been working over on my own. I will be writing about the intersection of various pieces of my life and sharing experiences that I have had in an effort to better see the larger path that I am on. While this content is largely a way for me to stay in touch myself, I do hope that others who are on similar paths will be interested as well. We are all taking the same journey together, but apart, and sharing with one another is a wonderful way to build connections and help point each other towards helpful practices. I encourage anyone who is interested to follow along through email updates, and to send me questions and comments if they arise. I welcome the dialogue and the connection to others who resonate with the project.

Before getting into discussion on any particular topic I would like to offer a few pieces of information about myself. I have always been a seeker and drawn to questions about my own life and the world around me. My own journey continues through my interactions with nature, my photography, my travel, my family relationships and the books I am reading. I have my BA in Philosophy and have read several of the classics, but I do not consider myself to be an expert on any of this. I have spent time learning about a variety of Philosophy-Religions such as Taoism and Buddhism and have built up my own practices, but I have not practiced with teachers and do not consider myself to be an expert on the doctrine. I have picked up a camera and am learning how to take pictures the way that I see them, but I have a long way to go. I am happy to share the knowledge that I have, but do not take anything as doctrine. Where possible I will be linking to resources that I have found helpful.

Thank you for reading and for joining me on this part of my path. I look forward to finding out where it takes me.

6 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Welcome to the wonderful blogging community Andrew. Will definitely be keeping an eye out for your posts and discussions on philosophy and life in general.
    The selection of three images is excellent by the way. Like you mention in your post, we are all on the same journey, we just take different routes. Just like shapes and forms of stones are different even though they all look the same.

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  2. Excellent start Andrew. Whilst I’m not such a traveller geographically, we certainly share some common ground in a love of photography, nature, philosophy, and how these three overlap and complement each other.


    1. Thanks for introducing yourself James, I am looking forward to making some great connections through this project. I’d love to hear what you think about the ideas I am sharing and I will be sure to spend time with your work as well.


  3. Hi Andrew. I looked through some of your lovely images tonight for the first time and I’m looking forward to returning later and perusing them more closely, over time. I’m intrigued by your emphasis on philosophy and quite mature personal introspection…….the way they’re intertwined with your artistic sensibilities. Many, many years ago when automobiles still had crude stone tires and were pulled by two (sometimes three) dinosaurs apiece and I was attempting to pursue a higher education, I weaseled my way out of an introductory philosophy course after several weeks because my extreme feeblemindedness cause me to suffer a traumatic brain injury after thinking too hard. I’m older and not wiser but I’m more patient and very curious. I’ll read more in Lens Taoism. I may see a little bit of what I missed out on, so this will be good. You’re doing a nice job on your blog so far, it looks great.
    -Cheers, Jason

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    1. Thank you very much for spending some time reading. I have just dipped into a couple posts of yours as well, and the writing strikes directly at what interests me most about humanity. You may not think of yourself as a philosopher, but the searching you are doing and the self awareness with which you write points out that you and I are ultimately looking for the same things. I look forward to reading more.


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